Unlocking happiness

Modern psychological science offers powerful research findings, insights, tools and applications that empower us to tap into happiness potential and turn it into a lever of change and success

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Do good life outcomes make you happy or is it the other way round?
And which habits enhance our wellbeing most effectively?


How much increase in performance does an "energizing" Leader create?
And which behaviours boost relational energy?


What is the cornerstone of engagement and innovation of every team?
And how can we foster connection and trust?


How much of your organization's competitive advantage depends on its positive practices?
And how can we build an engaging workplace with well-being at the center?


We are a niche consulting firm specializing in happiness and well-being through a science-based approach and the broad perspective of human psychology.

We support organizations in fostering a positive workplace and boosting people's engagement and performance, to fulfill their mission.

We achieve that by bringing positive change on 4 vital and intertwined levels, which touch people's mindset and habits, teams' interactions, leaders' ways of leading, and organizations' practices.

Personal Well-being

How much satisfaction and positive feelings do people experience?

Team Trust

How much care, transparency, and dependability exist within teams?


Leadership Energy

How does a Leader's interaction with a team member affect their energy level?


Positive Culture

How are policies, practices, and tools supporting an engaging workplace and climate?