Unlocking happiness

Do good life outcomes make you happy or is it the other way round?
How much increase in performance does an "Energizer" Leader create?
And how much of your organization's competitive advantage is based on its "Positive" practices?

Modern psychological science offers powerful research findings, insights, tools and applications that empower us to tap into happiness potential and turn it into a lever of change and success.

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We are a niche consulting firm specializing in happiness and well-being through a science-based approach and the broad perspective of human psychology.

theHappyLab is created to empower people tap into their happiness potential by offering the space, time, resources, and connection that they need to explore and adopt scientific perspectives and practices for flourishing.

We achieve that through experiential workshops using modern applied psychology insights and tools to enhance the positive practices of people and achieve the beneficial real-world consequences, proven by more than 225 scientific studies:

  • Higher performance
  • More satisfying relationships
  • Enhanced ability to lead
  • More team spirit and cooperation
  • Higher resilience
  • Better health
  • Greater life satisfaction
  • More positive emotions
  • and many more…

Our Purpose

"Unlocking happiness potential"

We are passionate about engaging and enabling people, organisations, and communities to fulfill their potential through happiness, achieve positive outcomes, and flourish!

We are passionate about positive change…

Our Values

We stand for and foster

  • Connection
  • Empowerment
  • Authenticity
  • Science
  • Imagination