Alexandra Lekkou,
Co-founder | Product Development

About Alexandra

Alexandra has a genuine interest in people and belief in their potential.

This has led her into social sciences (Master's degree in Psychology, Sussex University and Bachelor's in Sociology, Panteion University) and a career in Human Resources Mgmt. and Consulting, focused on identifying talents and developing people, increasing Leaders' self-awereness and competencies, and creating workplaces of high engagement, with employee experience and well-being at the center.

Over 25 years, she has worked in several and diverse organizations, progressing from a Specialist role to HR Business Partner and Unit Director, always working to support individuals and teams grow and organizations foster an engaging and enabling culture.

Alexandra enjoys working with people, Facilitating (she is a trained facilitator and an Affiliate member of the Association of Facilitators), Coaching (she holds an accredited certification in professional coaching and is a member of ICF Greece) and Mentoring (she acts as a volunteer Mentor for NGOs).

She is passionate about the science of well-being and putting it to practice for bringing positive change.

She holds a Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate and is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association.